Youthquake Movement in Fashion.

The “youthquake” movement,  a 1960s fashion, musical and cultural movement – invented by Diana Vreeland, Vogue’s editor-in-chief in 1965 – represented young people breaking the rule and becoming the new order in fashion.

London was the centre of the movement. Teenagers dominated the fashion and music scene. The fashion of youthquake was fun, spirited and youthful, with miniskirts and jumpsuits as center pieces.

Poster girls of the youthquakers such as Jean Patchett, Twiggy, Penelope Tree, Veruschka, and Edie Sedgwick were often on the cover of fashion magazines such as Vogue.


Jean_Patchett, Vogue, 1951, by Erwin Blumensfeld. She was subject of two of Vogue Magazine’s most famous covers, both shot in 1950 by Erwin Blumenfeld and Irving Penn.

Jean Patchett

  • Iconic Vogue Model, whose face and figure defined fashion during the highly glamorous era of the late 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s.
  • Started the Youthquake era with her poses for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.
  • Referred to as the “Queen of Fashion Inc.” by fashion editors and photographers during this decade.
  • Honored along with Suzy Parker and Naomi Sims at the 50 Years of American Women in Fashion ceremony.
  •  Famous for being one of the first high-fashion models to appear remote, as someone untouchable.
  • “One of the most popular photographic models of our time, Jean Patchett has had a career that covered the better part of three decades, from the late Forties to the early Sixties. She had that balance of personality and anonymity which never overshadowed what she was wearing.  Her face… could look like a thousand faces. She was wonderfully receptive to the demands of the photographer, and if those demands ran dry she had very good ideas of her own.” (Robert Riley)



“I like girlish things without frills, boys’ clothes, and things that really fit,” Twiggy told Vogue in 1967. Photo: Popperfoto/Getty Images


  • Lesley Lawson, widely known by the nickname Twiggy, is an English model, actress, and singer.
  • Known for her thin build (thus her nickname) and her androgynous look consisting of big eyes, long eyelashes, and short hair.
  • The most iconic model of the 1960s, she changed how me make fashion pictures
  • “A heroine for her time,” is how Vogue described Twiggy
  • She marked a new appearance, a revolution in the 60’s, being a  true youthquaker.





Model Jean Shrimpton wearing striped denim zip-up mini-jumper with flower-print blouse, and huge white cravat

Youthful models replaced the prim society figures featured in the past, and they wore the newest fashions from young designers.

Mary Quant and Betsey Johnson were named as some of the fashion designers at the helm of the youthquake movement. It all started with Mary Quant in London at her Chelsea boutique, Bazaar. Working first with a milliner, she set out to design absolutely twentieth century fashions.

Mary’s greatest achievement was the miniskirt, which Vogue promoted by declaring that the fashion for skirts was only going to be “short, short and shorter.” And the perfect models to wear these fashions were Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy and Penelope Tree. Andy Warhol and his muses were also seen as part of the movement.



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