LES PIERRES D’EXCELLENCE – a Spa that treats you like a Queen!

I’ve always been passionate about precious and semi-precious stones and I have them also in jewelries, but I’ve never imagined finding someone as passionate as I am to take this passion at a next level, like Chrystelle Lannoy did with Gemology and Frédérique DUPUIS-MEIGNAN with ” LES PIERRES D’EXCELLENCE. Since discovering the brand, I’ve looked for Beauty Salons who uses Gemology to treat myself and as you know, when you look for something, you find it.

So, this is how I’ve stepped into the amazing univers of ” LES PIERRES D’EXCELLENCE “, havens of well-being, where skin scare treatments are combined with body treatments using innovative protocols sublimated by excellence, on the theme of the mineral found at all levels. They only work with Gemology products because for them is the only brand that has the same values and promisse to the client.

Where can you find ” LES PIERRES D’EXCELLENCE ” ?

  • the 8th district, between Avenues Georges V and Montaigne, rue de la Trémoille
  • the 7th district, near to Champ de Mars, 1, Place de l’Ecole Militaire
  • the 4th district, on the Île Saint Louis

I’ve had the pleasure, today, not only to benefit from a be-spoken treatment, but also to meet the founder, Frédérique DUPUIS-MEIGNAN, and like always, I’ve wanted to find out more about her and to dig into her universe. This is how I’ve discovered what drove her to open this amazing concept. Herself working in a very active environment for 80 hours a week, she soon realized that her little pleasure was that weekly hour at the spa, where she was able to relax and to indulge in a well-being treatment. So, each time she was benefiting from an hour of beauty retreat she created in her mind the perfect place for treating each woman like a Queen and soon her passion became her life. She transformed her enthusiasm into a long-term commitment to create beautiful havens in the heart of Paris, where women can give themselves the pleasure of a deep relaxation moment.

When two people have the same passion, their path is most likely to cross, so this is how Frédérique DUPUIS-MEIGNAN met with Chrystelle Lannoy and establish this wonderful collaboration.

What you need to know about ” LES PIERRES D’EXCELLENCE

The entire customer journey is designed to discover the mineral, declined in:

  • the colors of the walls
  • huge geodes or quartz from Brazil or the Moroccan Atlas
  • paintings based on marble powder and Atlantic sand
  • mineral drinks with added vegetables / plants / fruits for different benefits
  • care and services, using products from Gemology Cosmetics and Idun Minerals


I am so thrilled about my experience at LES PIERRES D’EXCELLENCE, that I’ve given you so many information and I didn’t even had the chance to tell you about my experience and feed-back, but I will come back tomorrow with another article about my day at the SPA.

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