Balance your inner fashion style with IЯIИA TSAЯIИE!

Find me the right designer that we’ll understand my needs and I will become ADICTED! This is what happened when I’ve stepped into the Universe of IЯIИA TSAЯIИE, the designer that gets what women want.
In a very competitive world, especially when we talk about fashion, you need to come up with something unique, something that everybody needs, but they don’t know what yet, until you step out from the crowd and you show them what they truly desire.

We all know that well-being is at the heart of each woman but the contemporary woman also needs something else:

  • TIME – always on the go and in need of showing her style
  • COMFORT – a special appeal for refined lines and materials
  • FREEDOM – feeling good in her own body and expressing it through her clothes
  • ADAPTABILITY – changing her outfit very easily during the day

This is the philosophy of IЯIИA TSAЯIИE. After more than one hour spent in her company at her Showroom in Paris, near L’Arc de Triomphe, I can tell you that I’ve discovered not only a designer, but a true friend, who gets my needs, my style and has a solution in terms of clothing that I didn’t find elsewhere.

First thing that she told me about her was that she always tries to find the right balance in everything that she does, so she created the line of clothes that her body so long dreamt about it.

Her collection consists of pieces thought as a real alternative to fashion, which combines elegance and exceptional comfort. Some models are meant to let the woman express herself by adapting each piece to her style. For instance, a shirt during the day can be turned into a cocktail dress during the evening.


by Fashionista in Paris

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