Indulging into the wonderful world of SPA GEMOLOGY!

There is nothing more beautiful in the world for a woman than indulging in a deep relaxation moment. This should be a daily ritual, to release the stress of our daily routine and just take a moment to nourish our body and soul.
I can tell you that I’ve felt all of this during my “rendez-vous” at SPA GEMOLOGY, just before Christmas. It’s been a heavenly hour that made me step into a deep relaxation and connecting with my inner self.

About Chrystelle LANNOY

I really didn’t know what to expect while stepping their doors, but soon I’ve been drawn into a marvellous world. After this wonderful experience, I really felt the need to write about it and share with you about SPA GEMOLOGY.
What is the most important thing you should know about SPA GEMOLOGY is that they work with their own cosmetic line, developed by Chrystelle LANNOY.

Herself coming from the world of beauty with 10 years experience at Clarins group, in 2001, when the world of SPA started to grow, she imported an American brand in France. But that was not enough for her, because she really wanted to combine the beauty expertise to her passion for precious stones. She started by commissioning a laboratory to work on stones as active ingredients using ranges without parabens. The final recipe included 20 stones – precious and semi-precious – to formulate the care line.



In 2007, after three years of research, the first line of mineral cosmetics based on precious and semi-precious stones dedicated to the world of spa saw the light of the day.
But this was not enough for her either, because she wanted to be in control of how this skin care line will be used, so she decided to open the Spa Gemology, in the heart of Paris, to create a place that will make each woman live a unique beauty experience, borrowed from conviviality, efficiency, technicality and quality of service.

How does the Magic work

The stones are crushed into an impalpable talc, less than one micron. Some are then used as they are in creams or milks. When applied, the stones vibrate in reaction with the energetic field of the skin. This generates a slight rise in skin temperature – + 0.5 ° C – but stimulates all the vital functions of the skin.
For other stones, talc makes it possible to formulate a liquid solution. Thus it allows to go to the heart of mineral trace elements. You must know that the skin often shows a deficiency of trace elements because the body does not synthesize them and that the skin is the last organ to benefit from their benefits.

The diamond is used in the form of micro-particles that lodge in the heart of wrinkles. This is the “soft focus” effect, which brings an immediate sparkle. Then the other assets of the care take over for visible effects in the long term and prolong the anti-aging action.



I can assure you, after only one hour of retreat, you shine, you are relaxed, your skin is radiant and more beautiful than ever.

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